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Explain the implications of equality, respect and dignity for businesses.

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Implications of equality, respect and dignity for businesses 

  • Businesses should treat all their employees equally, regardless of their race/ colour/age/gender/disability, etc. 
  • All workers should have access to equal opportunities/positions/ resources.
  • Employers and employees need to comply with legislation with regard to equal opportunities/human rights in the workplace.
  • Businesses should develop equity programmes/promote strategies to ensure that all employees are treated equally regardless of status/rank/power.
  • Mission statement should include values of equality/respect. 
  • Training/Information/Business policies should include issues such as diversity/ discrimination/harassment.
  •  Employers should respond swiftly and fairly to reported incidents of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Ensure that employees work in an environment that is conducive to safety/ fairness/free from embarrassment. 
  • Orders/Tasks should be given respectfully and allow the recipient/employee to have a say in the manner in which the task should be performed.
  • Treat workers with respect/dignity by recognising work well done/the value of human capital.
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