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Recommend ways in which a business can protect the environment and human health

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Ways in which Businesses can protect the environment and human health

  • Adhere to laws/regulations so that profits are not generated at the expense of the environment.
  • Consider pollution/other environmental issues in all business activities, e.g. safe disposal of waste/dumping of toxic waste, etc.
  • Become involved in environmental awareness programs.
  • Businesses protects the environment by altering production techniques in favour of cleaner and greener technologies.
  • Water for human consumption is tested before it is used.
  • Promote nature conservation by looking after natural resources.
  • Minimise pollution, by re-using/reducing/recycling.
  • Reduce consumption of goods/services which are environmentally unfriendly.
  • Register/Engage with recognised institutions/bodies that promote green peace.
  • Ensure that physical working conditions are worker friendly/safe/adequate/ functional/promoting occupational health.
  • Maintain/Service machines regularly.
  • Educate people about hygiene/health issues.
  • Encourage employees to do regular health checks.