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Aspects that should be included in the employment contract.

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Aspects that should be included in the employment contract

Personal details of the employee.

Details of the business/employer, e.g. name/address, etc.

Job title/Position.

Job description.

Job specification.

Date of employment/commencement of employment.

Place where employee will spend most of his/her working time.

Hours of work, e.g. normal time/overtime.

Remuneration, e.g. weekly or monthly pay.

Benefits/Fringe benefits/Perks/Allowances.

Leave, e.g. sick/maternity/annual/adoption leave.

Employee deductions (compulsory/non-compulsory).

Period of contract/Details of termination.

Probation period.

Signatures of both the employer and employee.

List of documents that form part of the contract, e.g. appointment letter/code of conduct/ethics.

Disciplinary policy, e.g. rules and disciplinary procedure for unacceptable behaviour.

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