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Factors to be considered before doing a presentation

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  • Clear purpose/intentions/objectives and main points of the presentation.
  • Main aims captured in the introduction/opening statement of the presentation.
  • Information presented should be relevant and accurate.
  • Fully conversant with the content/objectives of the presentation.
  • Background/diversity/size/pre-knowledge of the audience to determine the appropriate visual aids.
  • Prepare a rough draft of the presentation with a logical structure/format with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • The conclusion must summarise the key facts and how it relates to the objectives/shows that all aspects have been addressed.
  • Create visual aids/graphics that will consolidate the information/facts to be conveyed to the board of directors.
  • Find out about the venue for the presentation, e.g. what equipment is available/appropriate/availability of generators as backup to load shedding.
  • Consider the time frame for presentation, e.g. fifteen minutes allowed.
  • Rehearse to ensure a confident presentation/effective use of time management.
  • Prepare for the feedback session, by anticipating possible questions/ comments.
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