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Explain how businesses can contribute time and effort in improving the well-being of the following stakeholders

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  1. Employees
  2. Community

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Contribution of time and effort in improving the wellbeing of the employees and the community


  • Businesses should improve the general quality of life of employees, e.g. pay fair wages/ skills development, etc.
  • Start a nutritional programme so that employees can enjoy one nutritional meal per day to keep them in a healthy condition.
  • Provide subsidised housing/accommodation for their employees.
  • Give time to staff to get involved in projects they choose/Allow staff to use some of their work hours to participate in the projects of their choice.
  • Encourage employees to stay fit and healthy by getting them involved in health activities to minimize stress/substance abuse/obesity.
  • Provide transport for employees who work unusually long hours.
  • Establish coaching and mentoring programmes for junior employees.
  • Conduct team-building sessions to improve employees' morale.
  • Encourage employees to attend capacity-building workshops/training programmes/staff-development programmes/team-development programmes.
  • Offer counselling sessions to employees with personal/emotional challenges.


  • Businesses should improve the general quality of life of employees’ families in their community, e.g. develop skills in the community/invest in education, etc.
  • Ensure that the product they supply do not harm consumers/the environment.
  • Refrain from engaging in illegal/harmful practices such as employing children under the legal age/selling illegal substances, etc.
  • Make ethically correct business decisions, e.g. not engage in unfair/misleading advertising, etc.
  • Participate in community projects involving HIV/AIDS/education/counselling/ other meaningful causes.
  • Donate money to a community project/run a project to uplift the community.
  • Provide recreational/sport facilities to promote social cohesion/healthy activities.
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