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Explain how businesses can promote the following consumer rights

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  1. Right to choose
  2. Right to information

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Promotion of consumer rights

  1. Right to choose

  • Businesses should not force consumers to purchase their goods/Respect consumers’ right to choose their own suppliers/goods.
  • Allow consumers to shop around for the best prices.
  • Allow consumers to cancel/renew fixed term agreements.
  • Consumers may reject goods that are not the same as the sample marketed/displayed.
  • Provide consumers with written quotations/cost estimates upon request.

    2. Right to information

  • Contracts and agreement should be in plain language/easy to understand.
  • Businesses should display prices fully inclusive of all costs.
  • Provide information on unit/bulk price of the same product on request.
  • Businesses should label products/trade descriptions√ correctly/clearly.
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