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Recommend ways in which businesses may create an environment that promotes creative thinking in the workplace.

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Ways to promote creative thinking in the workplace

  • Emphasise the importance of creative thinking to ensure that all staff know that you want to hear their ideas.
  • Encourage staff to come up with new ideas/opinions/solutions.
  • Make time for brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas, e.g. regular workshops/generate more ideas/build on one another's ideas.
  • Place suggestion boxes around the workplace and keep communication channels open for new ideas.
  • Train staff in innovative techniques/creative problem-solving skills/mind-mapping/ lateral thinking.
  • Encourage job swops within the organisation/studying how other businesses are doing things.
  • Encourage alternative ways of working/doing things.
  • Respond enthusiastically to all ideas and never let anyone feel less important.
  • Reward creativity by introducing reward schemes for teams/individuals who come up with creative ideas.
  • Provide a working environment that is free from distractions.
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