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Describe how businesses can apply the brainstorming technique to solve their business problems.

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Application of the brainstorming technique.

  • State/Define the business problem clearly, so that all participants/stake-holders understand the problem.
  • Members state possible causes of the business problems.
  • Set a time limit√ for each brainstorming session.
  • Record/Write ideas down, where all participants can see it./Ideas may also be shared online during an e-brainstorming session.
  • Use each suggestion, to inspire new thoughts/ideas.
  • Do not judge/criticise/discuss the ideas, so that many ideas could be generated as quickly as possible.
  • All members of the group√ randomly make suggestions.
  • The group rates ideas√ according to its usefulness/success/difficulty/cost to implement.
  • The group evaluates all ideas√, and combines similar ones/draw up a refined list.
  • Discuss a plan of action√ on how to implement the best ideas.
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