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Advise businesses on how Total Quality Management (TQM) can reduce the cost of quality).

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Ways in which TQM can reduce the cost of quality

  • Introduce quality circles to discuss ways of improving the quality of work/workman- ship.
  • Schedule activities to eliminate duplication of tasks.
  • Share responsibility for quality output amongst management and workers.
  • Train employees at all levels, so that everyone understands their role in quality management.
  • Develop work systems that empower employees to find new ways of improving quality.
  • Work closely with suppliers to improve the quality of raw materials/inputs.
  • Improve communication about quality challenges/deviations, so that everyone can learn from experience.
  • Reduce investment on expensive, but ineffective inspection procedures in the production process.
  • Implement pro-active maintenance programmes for equipment/machinery to reduce/eliminate breakdowns.
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