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In paragraph write three customs,practice or heritage. At the khomani cultural landscape

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  1. The Khomani landscape contains a number of historically important cultural heritage sites along the Nossob and Auob Rivers and in the dune corridors. There are many graves marked in the KGNP and further south at Welkom, Witdraai and Andriesvale, including the grave of the important traditional leader Dawid Kruiper.
  2. The Khomani Cultural Landscape contains all the elements needed to express its Outstanding Universal Value (OUV). The Nominated Property includes a vast area within which the Khomani have commercial and symbolic and cultural rights, including the right to traditional hunting and the collection of medicinal and food plants, and of access to the dunes.
  3. It is also sufficiently large to accommodate the tangible elements of landscape and culture, such as the wide and open dunes, examples of Bushman shelters, such as elegant shelters made of branches and dried grasses woven onto a frame of slender branches, and the ‘lightness of being’ in the desert.

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