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criteria for successful team performance

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  1. Interpersonal attitude and behaviour
  2. Communication

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Interpersonal attitude and behaviour

- Members have a positive attitude of support towards each other.

- Good/Sound interpersonal relationships will ensure job satisfaction/increase productivity of the team.

- Members are committed/passionate towards achieving a common goal/ objectives.

- Team leader acknowledges/gives credit to members for positive contributions.

- Team members must respect each other's skills and knowledge.


- A clear set of processes/procedures for team work, ensures that every team member understands his/her role.

- Effective communication between team members can lead to quick decisions.

- Quality feedback improves the morale of the team.

- Open communication allows for effective solutions to problems.

- Continuous review of team progress ensures that team members can rectify mistakes/act pro-actively to ensure that goals/targets are reached.

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